Wednesday, September 24, 2008

yep, that was me

Of all the stupid injuries I've had in my life time, last night's might be the stupidest of all. (Is stupidest a word?)

In 9th grade, I was playing tag football in P.E. and some BIG girl took it upon herself to tackle me and break my thumb. That same year, I split open my knee jumping hurdles. I guess that's not so stupid, but still. As an adult, I broke my ankle at my old job. That is not funny, but the way I did it was. I was standing on a table trying to hang all the legal crap posters in the office. More specifically, I was hanging a workman's comp poster while standing on a table. So as I was coming off of the table, my ankle just decided it wanted to play a trick on me, I fell and it broke. Pretty funny, right? Well two surgeries (one experimental) and 5 million hours of physical therapy later, I'm walking and all is good. For the most part. People laugh to this day when I they see the scars and ask about them.

Up until last night, that was my dumbest injury.

I am not a domestic goddess. I do the best that I can with my abilities, however, I'm no Martha Stewart or Betty Crocker and certainly no Rachel Ray. I decided I was going to make taco salad for dinner. Everything was going well. I didn't burn anything or anyone.

But I cut myself. How, do you ask? Was I chopping lettuce? No. Was I chopping tomatoes? No. There was no knife involved. A container of Daisy Sour Cream was the culprit. I attempted to take the plastic lid off and then remove the foil lining. As I was lifting the plastic lid, I felt a slice right into my stupid finger. And there was blood. Enough to bleed through a band aid. What the hell? Never in my life have I heard of anyone cutting their finger on a plastic container. Leave it up to me to be the first.

I hate this week.


Danielle and Mason said...

HAHA! I hope you're OK!!

Plastic is evil. Stay away from it.