Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm so bored, that I forget that I'm bored

As some of you know, I was "laid off" last week. I'll spare you all the details, but it's really a bunch of bullshit.

So tomorrow will be one week since I've been laid off. I figured that this might be kinda cool in some weird way. Because I cannot remember the last time I've had an entire week off. I've been actually reading all the material I need to for school. I get to be a mom and drop off and pick up Danny from school every day. I can cook dinner at a decent hour. I can take as long of a lunch break as I want. I can watch all my shows on my DVR. More importantly, I can watch all the Nip/Tuck on DVD that I want.


I'm so fucking bored.

So far, I have sent my resume to at least 25 places. I've turned in one late assignment. I've deleted shows on my DVR because I now kinda feel that The City is a waste of my time. I forget to take the meat out of the freezer to make dinner on time. And Danny asks me to drop him off around the corner from school because my Honda with a different colored hood from the rest of the car is too embarrassing. But, I have watched OODLES of Nip/Tuck on DVD.

I'm so bored, I forget that I'm bored. Seriously. Right now, I'm watching American Idol. And I'm bored. So I was playing Texas Hold'Em on My Space. And I was still bored. Commercial break comes on, and I thought "Hey! I'll watch Grey's Anatomy on my DVR! because I'm bored." Then I remember that I'm watching American Idol.

Being unemployed is like being high. Only without the Mary Jane, coughing, and munchies. Too much time on your hands to do things that are mostly irrelevant and you can't decide what to do first. So you end up staring at the TV with your eyes glazed over and wonder where your whole day went.


Raven said...

I agree...The City has to be the worst reality TV show to be made! Hope you find something to do! :)


Tiffany said...

thanks! :)

CoRRiNa said...

Welcome to my life. Even with 3 kids @ home, 2 are either eating/sleeping and the other is content diggin in the dirt for worms or flowers. Much as I'm home, tv just sucks!I was on a reality kick this weekend though, i watched a marathon of sober house in which shifty was on a disturbing crack binge on a rooftop and then on a xanax run where he uploaded a crackadelic video every 5 mins tryin to get people to guess where he was....wait, isnt this called sober house???? I also was checkin out gone country, where george clinton singing the gambler, was the highlight of my day.. wait, did I say highlight? yeah. poor guy.