Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Originality for $500 please, Alex

Despite my keen sense of adaptability (is that even a word?), I'm not really much one for change. I used to like Facebook. Until they changed the layout. But yesterday, MySpace launched this new 2.0 thing or whatever it's called. I took to it quite well. In fact, I kinda love it. And I took down my Barack Obama layout for something less political and maybe more cute. Not saying he's ugly..I'm just saying something different that the seriousness of politics. Anyway, I like my MySpace layout so much that I have now made it my blog layout. There's a gazillion layouts out if you're interested. Just don't use this one.

I wasn't planning on discussing this, but the TV is on for background noise. And Paris Hilton is auditioning people for a new best friend. So it makes me wonder, 1. WTF happened to Nicole Ritchie? 2. Why would anyone want to be Paris Hilton's bff? 3. Why do they just keep giving reality shows to any and everyone?

I'm thinking, what would the criteria be to find a new best friend? Do people actually go out and meet friends with a mental check list of what their friends should or should not be? What makes your regular friends different from good friends and different from best friends?

No, I'm not the girl that doesn't have any friends. I have friends. And I have my best friend. Who I didn't like when I first met, by the way. I'm just curious what makes people decide who is who and what is what.

And I'm thinking that I should have a blogger best friend search! How cool would that be? But Danielle, you can't play. Read the fine print. It's not for friends and family. You're already employed here.

I think that when I figure out how to pimp out my blog and get more than 2 followers (thanks for the pity, Brittany) maybe we can make a game and have new internet best friends that we don't know. Thoughts?

FINE PRINT: Danielle cannot play this game.


catomatay! said...

Paris Hilton is a joker, I was listening to the radio the other day and apparentely she reckons s so much more music in her, that wait for it....she wants to UNLEASH to the world lol spare me...
Anyway on the game note..

I'm in!!

The Brittster said...

Sign me up for the blogger best friend search. If I have to eat bull balls or something, I'm out.

Danielle and Mason said...

I love this idea!!! You need to promote your blog so we can get this started!!!!!