Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Run Forrest Run!!

So as you know I told you guys a couple weeks ago that I am trying to train myself for the Nike Run Like A Girl Half Marathon in October. By doing so, I got the sensor for my shoe so that I can do the whole Nike Plus thing. Yeah, it's pretty cool. I also broke down last week and bought a new pair of shoes.

I now know that I don't suck at walking because I'm no longer getting blisters. So that makes my shoes pretty cool. But what's even cooler is that they have a spot under the cushion for the Nike + iPod sensor.

I seriously love these shoes. It feels like walking on jello. Minus the cold and sticky.
And I love My iPod syncs all my runs to the website so I can compete with people I don't know as well as people I do know. Like Danielle. She got it too. And, Brittany...we're still waiting on you. I have this cool little widget so that I can show everyone how much "running" I've done.

I say that in quotations because I don't actually run. I walk. As briskly as I can. I'm hoping to eventually do into a run, but for now it's walking. So check it out. And if any of you have this whole get up, let me know and we can compete. Just for fun of course.


MilesPerHour said...

Them is some slick shoes! Run, run, run!

CoRRiNa said...

ok so how much were those shoes? Theyre so cute! Cute? Well, I like them, even if 'cute' isnt the appropriate word. I saw the Ipod sensor thing in a sports store here but had no idea what it was, NOW I want one! How does it work? Ive been roller skating daily for an hour, except for the day before yesterdya when it poured, but I like to walk too and like you I'd like to run someday.. I might have to get this Nike setup you got advertised here..

Tiffany said...

So basically you have to have one of new nano's or an iPod touch. It might work with the video, but I'm not sure. Anyway, the sensor goes in your shoe and when you work out, the iPod keeps track of distance, time, and calories burned. You don't have to buy Nike plus shoes. They have these things on amazon to put it on your shoe lace. But I needed shoes so I figured I might as well upgrade. They cost me $85. I haven't spent that much money on a pair of shoes since before I was a mom. But they were well worth it.

Oh, and try to to cheat the the Nike + iPod. It knows. I tried to do the elliptical with it and it wouldn't recognize the activity at all.

Tiffany said...

I mean to say "don't try to cheat". Damn iPod Touch keyboard....