Tuesday, November 17, 2009

about me. times 100 (if I make it that far)

1. It's 9:07 pm and I feel like it's 2 am.
2. Getting old is not cool.
3. I should be watching Desperate Housewives right now instead of doing this.
4. I'm going to set this blog to post sometime tomorrow because I blogged twice today.
5. But I hadn't posted for almost a month prior to the two today.
6. Apparently I have commitment issues.
7. I love love love giraffes.
8. If I could find a way to cheat in my online math classes, I totally would.
9. I stole this idea from Danielle, who stole it from this blog.
10. I bought lime green flannel sheets on Friday night and I absolutely love them.
11. I'm addicted to Farmville on Facebook.
12. And Cafe World.
13. And Happy Aquarium. I know. All three are pathetic.
14. I lied to my friend and told her I was going to read the Twilight series again this week because I really just wanted her to give me my book back so I could see all four books sitting in order on my shelf.
15. My bowling average is 108. Which is actually really good for me.
16. I know that because I'm in a league on Monday nights.
17. I really hate shopping. It makes me really angry and cranky.
18. I have a hand bag addiction.
19. Last week I was so cold I went to sleep in my robe and gloves. It was the best night of sleep I'd had in awhile.
20. I can fall asleep any time any where.
21. My job is really boring.
22. In the last week I've decided that Tori Spelling is friggin' awesome.
23. I've had the same hair brush for about 5 years.
24. I quit doing this last night because I decided to watch Ghost Adventures instead.
25. I still plan on setting it up to post at a later date though. Just because.
26. I'm sneaking at work right now doing this.
27. I'm wearing a sweater today that I think is really ugly. But it's warm so I don't care.
28. When I'm at work, I steal another company's wifi for my iPod.
29. I need to lose weight but I hate dieting.
30. I'm thinking about buying that stuff at GNC that the Kardashians take.
31. No, I don't expect to look like a Kardashian if it works.
32. Sometimes I can't read my own writing.
33. I took one year of Spanish and one year of French in high school. That was the beginning of my commitment issues.
34. I always have Purel in my purse, on my desk, and in the bathroom.
35. I keep looking out the window thinking I'll get the other 65 answers for this.
36. I love Jay-Z's music.
37. I think he's the best rapper ever....maybe even better than Tupac.
38. I feel like I should never say that since I'm from the west coast. (sorry)
39. I wish Temple would blog again.
40. I think that Kanye West is a musical genius.
41. But I also think he's a douche bag.
42. I rarely log on to MySpace anymore.
43. mmm...Dr. Pepper.
44. I recently discovered the brand Yes To Carrots and I like the C Me Smile Lip Butter better than Burt's Beeswax.
45. That's a big deal because I've been a huge advocate of Burt's Bees for years.
46. I've had the misfortune of learning that most of the people I work with don't wash their hands after using the rest room.
47. I really want to dye my hair a dark brown. Mostly because I'm pretty sure I'd never have to dye it again if I did.
48. But then I think that if I do, I'll fall into the crowd.
49. But I truly do not like attention on me anyway.
50. I'd like to know what the point of unsubscribing to emails is, because no one ever honors it anyway.
51. I really hope that Forrest Griffin beats Tito Ortiz's ass on Saturday night.
52. I have to hurry up and rush home from San Ramon after seeing New Moon on Saturday to watch UFC 106 because I like to Twitter and watch UFC at the same time.
53. I have a couple hundred followers on Twitter, but only 15 on Blogger.
54. I think my blog is way cooler that my tweets, so I don't get why I have so few followers on it.
55. I can't believe I'm only at fiftyfuckingfive.
56. The owners of the company I work for refer to a Ford F-150 as a Redneck Cadillac. I think that's pretty funny.
57. But then again, wait.... if I was gonna buy a truck it might be a Ford F-150.
58. Actually, it wouldn't. I'll never buy a Ford again.
59. I don't think that Diddy is really a good rapper. He should stick to producing.
60. I've noticed that now that I'm working again, I watch the news again. Maybe I feel like since I'm working, I should once again care about what's going on in the world? hmmm...
61. One of my friends is always trying to get "the hook up" on something and it drives me crazy.
62. I have an addiction to make up. I have more eye shadows than I have dollars in my bank account.
63. I haven't worn 80% of the eye shadows because when I buy them, I forget that I'm not a professional make up artist. If I wear them, I'll look like a clown.
64. I am absolutely dying to go back to Vegas.
65. I really want my next Vegas trip to be girls only since the last time I went I was the only girl in the group.
66. I've always wished I had curly hair.
67. I'm thinking about making some Amish friendship bread soon. I haven't made it in months.
68. I wish I could cook as well as I can bake.
69. I think my days of Patron shots are over.
70. I've read more books in the last 4 months than I've read in the last 6 years combined.
71. I secretly like the Peninsula better than the East Bay. Even though my roots are in the East Bay.
72. I think my days of clubbing are over too.
73. Or maybe I just need to broaden my horizons.
74. Woohoo! Only 26 more to go.
75. I'd like to know why Lil' Wayne is on so many songs. I like him, but enough already.
76. My niece thinks Lil' Wayne is hot. I threw up in my mouth a little bit when she told me that.
77. I can't wait for Thanksgiving. I just wanna see everyone.
78. I will not be Black Friday shopping. Fuck that.
79. My skin is really sensitive. One time I had an allergic reaction to laundry soap and had to go to urgent care.
80. Then another time I had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic I was taking and wound up in ER on New Year's Money. Happy fucking New Year.
81. The only reason I'm looking forward to my company party for Christmas is because there will be an open bar.
82. I'm way over qualified for my job. But I took it because I really wanted to get back to work.
83. I have a black thumb. I kill all plants.
84. My favorite cereal is Oh's.
85. I'm not happy that Taco Bell took the 89 cent chicken randch gorditas away.
86. I still have an hour and 7 minutes left of work.
87. I have a mental breakdown when someone abruptly changes plans that involve me.
88. I need constant organization....
89. But my purse is a complete mess inside.
90. I love Bank of America because you get a picture of the check you deposit into the ATM on your receipt.
91. I chew so much of the brand 5 gum, that I feel they should give me some stock.
92. Mimi's Cafe has the best salads. I wish I was there right now.
93. Every morning after I shower, I have to turn the light on that goes down the stairs to my living room.
94. That's just one of my many OCD quirks.
95. I'm scared of raccoons.
96. I think that Ordinary People by John Legend is one of the best written songs I've ever heard.
97. I had the grossest ingrown finger nail about 3 weeks ago.
98. James and I have decided to spend $5 a week to win the lotto.
99. I truly believe it is my destiny to be rich. I've believed it for as long as I can remember. I just don't know how it will manifest.
100. When I'm alone and I need to fill up the gas tank, I use regular instead of premium. James tells me to use premium, but regular is cheaper.


Danielle said...

You wore gloves to bed! HAHAHAHAHAHA You're friggin crazy!

Tiffany said...

but I was so warm!!