Thursday, November 19, 2009

Esteban Ochocinco iPhone App

OK, so I follow a lot of people on Twitter. Including Chad Johnson aka Chad Ochocinco aka Esteban Ochocinco. This morning he was tweeting about his iPhone app. And I'm thinking, "wtf does he have an app for?". So I went to iTunes on my iPod and checked it out. And it's pretty funny. So I bought it. And I think you should too. It doesn't disappoint for $0.99.

As a result, I have a little itty bitty crush on him. Do I think he's hot? Although, I was watching the videos on this app and in one he was kind enough to show his chest and abs. Not bad, not bad. But I think he's pretty damn funny. And because I that, I think I have an itty bitty crush.