Monday, January 4, 2010

20/20 List

20/20 List

Very simple. Of course, I stole the idea from Danielle*. C'mon. Do you really think I have an ounce of originality? HA!

OK, so here goes.

20 things that are awesome:
1. Applebee's new "under 550 calories" menu. Because it's good stuff under 550 calories.
2. Old Navy "The Dreamer" boot cut jeans because they are a little stretchy, but not too stretchy. And the front panel slims the tummy. What girl doesn't love that?
3. My iPod because quite simply, I cannot function without it. Seriously.
4. DirecTV because it's everything that Dish Network isn't.
5. Water because it helps fill your tummy, is good for you, if you drink enough it purifies your skin, and because of every other reason that we need water. Water rocks.
6. Gmail because I can sort all my email and pull up stuff that people said 6 months ago if I feel like pulling the bullshit card.
7. Giraffes. Because they're awesome. That's why.
8. Skype because I can talk to my best friend face to face even though she's some odd thousands of miles away.
9. Facebook because I can laugh at people without doing it to their faces.
10. Texting because I hate talking on the phone.
11. Danny because he has my back.
12. Work because as much as it sucks sometimes, it's somewhere to go during the day.
13. Stephenie Meyer because she wrote the Twilight Saga and I love love love it.
14. Jay-Z because he's a lyrical genius.
15. The San Francisco Bay Area because as much as I hate it sometimes, I don't want to live anywhere else.
16. Audio books because I don't always have an attention span long enough to read.
17. Jersey Shore because guidos are just awesome and nonexistent on the west coast.
18. Military people because they do shit I know I'd never be brave enough to do.
19. Bear Naked Vanilla Almond Crunch granola because it's yummy.
20. Play Station 3 because not only can I play video games, I can also watch DVD's, Blu-Rays, chat with friends, and surf the internet on it (if I need to).

20 things that are not so awesome:
1. The war. Bring home our troops.
2. Obama for misleading me. (although, he IS a politician and still the better option)
3. The San Francisco Bay Area because as much as I love it, it's too damn expensive to live here.
4. MTV for never playing music videos.
5. Dishes because they don't wash themselves.
6. Worms, slugs, snails, snakes...anything that slithers because it's gross.
7. Dish Network because it's retarded.
8. Flip flops in the rain for obvious reasons.
9. The fact that my dad never answers his phone.
10. The fact that I've lost the majority of my friends because I moved to the other side of the Bay.
11. UFC because there are two pay per views in the month of February. Neither of which I feel are pay per view worthy. But I'll be getting them regardless.
12. School because it's not as easy as I hoped it would be.
13. When I don't put the clothes away right away because they get wrinkled.
14. Farmville because I spent like an hour harvesting, plowing, and replanting only for it to not be saved for some crazy reason.
15. People that don't control their children....because they don't control their children.
16. Andrew on The Real World DC because I can't stand his face.
17. How slow people drive on The Peninsula.
18. Motorcycles because they scare the hell out of me.
19. Prawns because when they're uncooked then kinda gray and I don't like that.
20. Half hour lunches at work because, really, what's the point?

* Danielle had a 50/50 list. I prefer 20/20. :)


Danielle said...

Your Farmville addiction is out of control.

Switch back to DirecTV!!