Tuesday, September 22, 2009


If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I was in a "mood" last night. I picked up James from work in downtown San Francisco. Normally, I don't really do this, but last week we started bowling in a winter league at a bowling alley in Daly City.

Anyway, I get there at 3:30 or so in the afternoon. We have to go to the bank, then we're gonna hang out at Marcos and Ed's (down by the beach in San Francisco) until it's time to go to Daly City to go to the bowling alley. As we're driving to the bank, I tell James that I am starving and do not want to wait until bowling over over to eat. Makes sense, no?

So the bank comes and goes. Restaurants and fast food fly past me as the car goes. Then we're at Marcos and Ed's. OK, I think to myself. We'll get the guys and then go eat. No big deal.

When we get to their apartment, I notice this sign on the door. I don't have a story behind it, I just thought it was funny, yet informative. Even though it wasn't intended to be funny. Although, I think Ed's comment in black is humorous.

Yeah, that doesn't happen. And I get super cranky. As we're leaving for the bowling alley, I express my unhappiness...ok, I got bitchy. I said, "I want to eat. I told you that two hours ago and now we don't even have time to drive through somewhere." And the James says the unthinkable: "Why don't you just get something at the bowling alley to hold you over? Then we'll go to In-N-Out after?"

Of course, I am a screaming raging bitch inside at this point. But I smile and agree because I suppose that's what a real lady does.

I go to the little food thing and stare at the menu for about 2 minutes. Freschetta Pizza - $17.95. Wait, is that the pizza you buy for like $6 in the frozen food section? Outrageous. Chicken strips and fries. Last time I ordered that, it was too crunchy to chew yet greasy at the same time. Chili cheese fries. Yes!! Yes, that's what I'll have.

$3.95 later and 5 minutes later, the guy at the food stand regrets to inform me that they're out of chili. Funny, because he's the one who took my order. But ok, whatever. How about just cheese fries? Sure. Nothing better than that. Except chili cheese fries.

And then.....this is what he gives me.

French fries in nacho cheese. Which I'm pretty sure is not really cheese at all. No, it's some sort of melted plastic in the color of cheese and kinda tastes like cheese. I ate it and let me tell you, I had hell to pay for it about 1 am.

And there you have it. This is my photo blog for the day. So far. :)

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Danielle said...

In an odd way, I really want some of those fries right now.

And, I think it's freakin' genius that they're selling frozen pizza for almost $20!!!!!!! LOL

So did you go to the burger place after?? If so, what'd you get??

Danielle said...

wait ... what does Ed's comment say??? I can't read it!

Tiffany said...

he said, "damn...really?" I'm hoping that the next time I go there the original author replied.