Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Hugo Hotel

Sorry, I've completely lagged on the pics a day thing for the last two days. It's a little my fault, but mostly not. Like 10% my fault. OK, maybe 20%. But whatever. It doesn't matter.

Here's the pic from Friday. This is where else, downtown San Francisco.

This building was a hotel at one point in time. After a fire over twenty years ago it apparently had some extensive damage and has been nonoperational ever since. But the owner of the building has been paying the property taxes and whatnot on it. Financially, it is in good standing.

The city wants to tear down this hotel and build low cost housing in its place. I'll keep you posted.


Danielle said...

Why not just renovate??

Tiffany said...

its in a pretty shady part of downtown with crackheads and the smell of piss running rampant. maybe they're hoping to clean it up? i dunno.