Sunday, January 3, 2010

I have bad luck with iPods

I know. I forgot to blog yesterday. I know, I know. The second day of the New Year and I already missed a day. Sorry! This one makes up for yesterday.

The picture is Danny's brand spanking new iPod. No. Not the one I got him for Christmas. A brand spanking new one. Less than 4 hours old. Why?

Because iPods don't like me. I have a magnet for defective iPods. I probably should stop talking about it so that my iPod doesn't go bad on me. Although, I did have a really bad day with it.

So..I bought Danny an 8gb 5th generation iPod Nano for Christmas. All was fine and dandy until last night. The entire screen went white and there was nothing to change it. I help.

I panicked because I couldn't find the receipt. I just had it on Wednesday. WTF did I do with it? So I went online to the Best Buy Reward Zone thing and printed my reward thing hoping that would suffice as a receipt. Surprisingly it did.

At Best Buy, I told the woman behind the counter what was going on and all we had to do was go get a new one and bring it back. Woohoo!! So moral of the story, Best Buy is awesome. And don't let me go to the store and select an iPod off the shelf because I will select the only one that is defective.


Danielle said...

I think there's something wrong with ipods. My ipod hates the songs "Low" and "Sober". It won't play them.

Tiffany said...

Sober? By Pink? Kelly Clarkson?