Monday, January 26, 2009

4 cute kittens +1 psycho bitch + 1 Barack Obama - G. Dubbya = the truth shall set you free

A few weeks ago I was having dreams about 4 kittens. The first night of the dream, James and I were somewhere that I'm guessing was our new home and it was Texas of all places. On the patio, there were four sweet little kittens. Two were orange tabbies and two were the black and grey striped kind (whatever those are called). One of the orange ones and I completely clicked. I wanted to keep it so bad but I knew that I couldn't. A couple days later, I dreamed about them again, but this time they were older and a little bigger, but still kittens. I don't remember the circumstance, but the orange kitten was there and came up to me and I was sad I couldn't keep it. The third time I had the dream, they were like teenager kittens. Older, not fully grown, and in that awkward stage of growth. But the orange one and I still really clicked.

Dude...these dreams were bugging me because I could not figure out what they meant or why they were growing each time I dreamed about them. So I texted Danielle and asked her to break out the dream book because I wanted to know WTF was going on. She told me that cats mean you're going to have a huge fight with someone, the growing symbolizes an ongoing issue, and then she asked me if there was a storm brewing any where. And there wasn't that I could think of. Then I started to worry that it was going to be Sami because in the third dream I had, Kenny (Sami's boyfriend) had the kittens and he was trying to give them away.

Flash forward to last Tuesday (weird that I'm asking you to flash forward to the past, but go with it). Happy inauguration day!! Woohoo! All will be right with the world. My cool friend Tom posted a funny little story about people throwing shoes at a blown up doll of Dubbya on inauguration day. I reposted it and my fucking psycho "friend", who is a Republican because she took 3 quizzes on the internet that told her so, emailed me and told me how disturbing it was.

Now, if you feel like going back through my blog, you will see that her and I had some problems after election day. From that point forward, I decided I will no longer discuss politics with her because she is ignorant and doesn't know what she's talking about because she has not done any research aside from 3 quizzes on like...I dunno...fucking Pyzam or some stupid shit like that.

It all rolled into a giant ball of fury on Wednesday. I will spare you the details of the ridiculously looooooong emails she sent me full of bullshit lies but I will say this: she really should be on meds. I told her never to contact me again. Do you think she listened?? OF COURSE NOT!

Of course I kept Danielle in the loop the whole day. She's my bff and there will never be another. She was laughing with me and could not get over the fact that 3 quizzes can actually determine your political party affiliation. Then I brought up the cats again and she kinda freaked out (not like the psycho Republican) and said she had completely forgotten about the cat dream and we decided that yes, in fact, the cats referred to the psycho bitch who's name I will not mention.

What's even crazier though is that I was talking to Sami about it last Wednesday and told her the dreams. She said that the cat was orange and spotted because psycho bitch has strawberry blonde hair that is kinda orange-y and she has freckles.

OK, this is getting to be too crazy.

OK, so long story short, I'm done with this crazy bitch. But she can't seem to let it go. She went as far as to email me this morning to tell me what a shitty person I am and how she bought me a Tiffany's necklace for my birthday blah blah blah. A gift is a gift. I didn't ask for it, I certainly wasn't expecting it. The email goes on to say that I don't need to bother replying to her because she's blocking me again. LOL

I texted psycho path to get her address so I can send it back to her. She told me to grow up.


How am I the immature one here?

So let's get immature!

Anyone wanna buy a Tiffany's necklace from me? Best offer. :)

Being an immature bitch feels so good.

Have a beautiful week Lovlies!


Danielle and Mason said...

I love the mathematical blog title! LOL!

The whole situation is crazy ... I just laugh every time I think about her needing to take quizzes to determine her political affiliation versus actually learning about the issues. Whatever.

I can't believe my dream book predicted this! HAHA!!

Temple said...

Wow...and double wow. :)