Monday, January 5, 2009

Crazy Chick does it again

The long lost cousin of La Princessa is just going to be called Crazy Chick. Because I'm not cool enough to think of a witty name.

Crazy Chick strikes again! Today, my friend/coworker sent me a Skype message asking if Crazy Chick was at my building because she's been gone for 20 minutes and her car is MIA.

I took a look around - nope. Haven't seen her.

Time passes and Crazy Chick pops back up at her desk at the main building. Turns out, she had a problem.

She unexpectedly got her period and left without saying anything to go get "supplies"....actually - here's her response.


I got my period, and had to go get “supplies” I thought it was a 5 minute thing, but I got really lost and totally fucked and couldn’t find my way back. I am soo sorry, I thought it was 5 minutes. I will stay the extra time. I am so stressed, I was totally lost