Monday, January 5, 2009

Google says...

OK, well I told you earlier that I've been hella sick. And I thought I was doing better today minus the lightheaded dizzy thing I have going on. But it now appears that I'm not. I should be at home sleeping because I'm just about to fall asleep right here at my desk.

Since I don't feel like "Do Work Son", I decided that I'm gonna do the Tiffany + Google thing that Temple did. Only hers was Temple + Google. Obviously. I'm thinking if I keep shamelessly stealing cool stuff from her that maybe someday I too, will be graced with a kick ass blog award.

So here goes:

1. Tiffany needs bigger breasts.
* No I don't. Any bigger and I won't be able to breathe. Thank you very much.
2. Tiffany needs love and support.
* Thanks for reminding me that I'm a needy person. :) But I do love attention and support. Especially support in the breast area. Not joking...I really don't need them bigger.
3. Tiffany needs to pray.
* To whom? I don't get down like that.
4. Tiffany needs to be stopped.
* Fuck that. The year has just begun and so have I.
5. Tiffany needs a dream house.
* I believe I've been mistaken for Barbie.
6. Tiffany needs an epiphany.
* Well yeah..those are always cool.
7. Tiffany needs some reminders and supervision with regard to self-care activities and taking care of her personal belongings.
* I'm not sure who this Tiffany is, but she sounds kinda fucked up.
8. Tiffany needs to be placed in a loving and caring home environment.
* They must still be talking about Tiffany in #7.
9. Tiffany needs to be checked for weaknesses by a muscle testing chiropractor.
* I scoff in weakness's face. Weakness is for sissy cry babies.
and last but not least...
10. Tiffany needs plastic surgery sooo badly, and Tiffany should start wearing a paper bag if she won't.
* ouch

And here's a cool "Tiffany needs" picture courtesy of Google just for shits and gigs.