Monday, January 26, 2009

I Hella Love The Bay

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because it's only in The Bay that you can ride a BART train (Bay Area Rapid Transit)and witness this en route to the South Hayward Station.

Yes, SHE is standing up and pissing on the train.

Here is the story.

Last Friday night, James was coming home from his friend's house after work. When he got on the train, the woman we now see standing up and bare-assed was dead asleep in a seat. He moved past her and sat in the corner. Then out of nowhere, she wakes up about 45 minutes into the ride and realizes she has to relieve her bladder. So she gets up, grabs herself, pulls down her pants and does "the damn thing". If you will notice you will see there are a few people in front of her. As she is "doing the damn thing", one of the guys in front of her yelled back to James, "Yo- what the fuck is she doing? Is she pissing?" James replies, "Oh yeah! She's pissing!".

Then the winner of the classiest woman award kinda snaps out of her daze and realizes that there are other people around and everyone just say her pissing on the BART train. She got off at the next exit.

Never a dull moment in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Danielle and Mason said...

That is so gross and so funny!!!!!!!

Carol said...